Jan 18, 2018

Cardassians - Ft. Clay

Dr. Bashir and Garak try to solve the mystery of Cardassian orphans on Bajor, and the podcast tries to solve the mystery of the mystery! Dr. Bashir finally gets his hands dirty when he helps Garak uncover the truth behind a Cardassian boy who has been raised on Bajor. Clay and I discuss the best case scenario for Rugal, Gul Dukat's skinny neck, and clinking your plates together!


Jan 17, 2018

RR&RR: Ridley Scott - A Good Year (25%)

A Good Year is a perfect example of a director taking on a genre that they are ill suited to handle. A romantic comedy that features very little romance and almost no comedy, A Good Year has Russell Crowe playing an unethical day trader who comes into possession of a vineyard in southern France. His immediate desire is to sell the property, but will his trip to France teach him a valuable lesson about not being a douchebag? Listen as we discuss the skillful slapstick comedy of Russell Crowe, the problem with going beyond your capabilities, and the voyeurism of Ridley Scott!


Jan 15, 2018

The Wolf Inside

Spending time in the Mirror Universe might corrupt your soul, but at least you'll get some snazzy new outfits! While Burnham struggles to get intel back to Discovery, a coalition of anti-Terran Empire species might be the way for the crew to turn the tables on the Emperor. Unfortunately, Ash Tyler seems to have remembered his true identity, and the "wolf inside" might be the thing that devours them all. Clay and I discuss goatees, hoping for the future, and using the transporter for some other than transport!


Jan 9, 2018

Despite Yourself

Discovery appears to have become stranded in the Mirror Universe, which is not a big surprise to anyone who's been paying attention (or reading online forums)! The crew must quickly adapt to living in a hostile universe filled with killers, liars and backstabbers. Fortunately, they've had a lot of that themselves over the first nine episodes, so I'm sure they'll fit in nicely. Clay joins me to discuss returning to Discovery, writing for prestige television characters, and the death of a much hyped character!


Jan 5, 2018

Invasive Procedures - Ft.Amy

A meek Trill stages an attack on DS9, with the ultimate goal of stealing the Dax symbiont. We've been complaining that the Trill have been underdeveloped since they originally appeared in TNG, so Invasive Procedures seeks to flesh out this mysterious species. Does it work? Amy joins me to discuss scowling at the television, Quark as a bad guy, and what it means to be "joined".


Jan 2, 2018

The State of the Podcast 2018

A quick update regarding the status of the podcast as we head into 2018. Wes also shares some feedback from the listener survey, discusses small changes going forward, and announces the winner of the DS9 DVDs!


Jan 1, 2018

The Siege - Ft. Clay

In the third episode of the Bajoran Coup arc, DS9 is under attack from The Circle and Kira and Dax have evidence to prove Cardassian interference in the whole messy affair. Clay joins me to discuss the possibly pointless third act of this serialized story, and to examine what the definition of "siege"might be. We also discuss military rations, the domestic turmoil of the O'Brien's, and Steven Weber!


Dec 22, 2017

The Circle - Ft. Clay

Kira has been sent back to Bajor, and Li Nalas is the new Bajoran liaison aboard DS9. Meanwhile, Odo tries to solve the mystery of who is arming The Circle. In the second episode of the Bajoran Coup arc, things slow down and start to unfold. Can it match the heights of the previous episode? Clay joins me to discuss Bashir not following orders, the charm of wet cardboard, and the vague nature of the Bajoran religion.


Dec 18, 2017

The Homecoming - Ft. Clay

In "The Homecoming", Kira rescues a legendary Bajoran freedom fighter, and an extremist group known as The Circle begins to terrorize Bajor and DS9. The first of a three episode arc, The Homecoming certainly feels like a new show: the rejuvenated budget has worked wonders. But is it the same old stuff we saw in season one? Clay joins me to discuss abandoning TNG, the ease of breaking into a prison camp, and becoming The Bajoran Batman.


Dec 13, 2017

RR&RR: Ridley Scott - Alien (97%)

Famed director Ridley Scott is this month's focus, and we kick things off with the modern classic, "Alien", which is currently at 97% on RottenTomatoes! When the crew of a towing spaceship intercepts a message from a nearby planetoid, their investigation leads to the discovery of an incredibly dangerous life form. Clay and I discuss the life and career of Ridley Scott, talk about some of the behind the scenes and production aspects, and then talk about a movie which forever changed the sci-fi landscape!


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