Jul 19, 2018

Prophet Motive

When Grand Nagus Zek tries to completely change Ferengi culture, Quark heads into the wormhole to obtain answers from the Prophets. DS9 might have tried to move the Ferengi away from their characterization as one-note jokes, but Ferengi episodes still tend to serve as the "comedy" episodes of Star Trek: DS9. And yes, putting "comedy" in quotes was entirely intentional. We get reacquainted with the Prophets, and it might not be for the best. Also, Bashir embarks on a weirdly pointless story that takes a subtle dig at the TNG production! Wes flies solo in this podcast, so listen as he wonders about the depth of the Ferengi, the best aspects of the Prophets, and the not so subtle references to sex that DS9 really enjoys!


Jul 17, 2018

RR&RR: Denzel Washington - Heart Condition (0%)

When a racist cop inherits the heart of a black lawyer, the end result is a fun-filled comedy romp that ends in shotgun murder! Denzel Washington's worst film (according to Rotten Tomatoes) is the 0% rated "Heart Condition". It's a tonally inconsistent film that can't decide if it wants to be a light-hearted, anti-racism version of "Ghost Dad" or a gritty crime drama like a subpar version of something like Miami Vice. However, it does star Bob Hoskins and Denzel, so it can't be all that bad, right? Listen as Clay and Wes discuss not understanding relationships, cell phone technology, and baby reveals!


Jul 16, 2018

Destiny - Ft. Clay

The vipers are upon us, the gates are a-burning, and Clay is a-snoring! Destiny is an interesting episode of DS9. It revisits the Bajoran religion in a way we haven't seen since season one. Unfortunately, it's not really interesting in any other way. Featuring a trifecta of half-baked plots that include some poorly thought out Gamma Quadrant exploration, Destiny is an episode that tries to do too much and ultimately accomplishes nothing. Clay joins me to discuss Kira's new haircut, the weaknesses of the Bajoran/Emissary plotline, and the peculiarities of Cardassian make-up!


Jul 12, 2018

Heart of Stone - Ft. Isaac

Returning to the theme of identity, "Heart of Stone" examines what will happen when Odo and Nog follow their hearts. Odo must confront his feelings about Kira when the two are stuck between a rock and a hard place on an isolated planet, while Nog decides to make a big change in his life and join Starfleet. Isaac stops by the podcast to discuss the loss of agency for Kira, thematic B plots, and the plans of the Changelings!


Jul 9, 2018

Life Support

After an accident aboard a Bajoran transport, Vedek Bariel is seriously injured. As a Cardassian-Bajoran peace treaty hangs in the balance, Bashir becomes mired in a medical quandary. As the show says farewell to Kira's lover (seriously!), it also spends some time doing all the things that DS9 isn't particularly good at doing. In a solo podcast, Wes tries to determine where it all went wrong, and if it ever had a chance to go right. Also discussed: Bariel with a robot brain, episodes featuring Bashir, and episodes with ending they don't deserve!


Jul 2, 2018

Past Tense - Ft. Clay

Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are transported back to the early 21st century where they discover that they will become a part of the Bell Riots, a violent event that shaped the future of humanity. It's an episode that features a lot of shotguns, some terrible headwear, and some soapboxing about the upside of humanity. So, just a regular Trek episode then, right? Clay joins me to discuss the most optimistic episode from season three of DS9, how Ray Bradbury could have fixed things, and parodies of rich people!


Jun 28, 2018

Fascination - Ft. Matt

It's the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, and passion is in the air! DS9 becomes the setting for a romantic farce that leaves some viewers wondering what exactly is going on. Lwaxana Troi shows up, Bariel returns, and the O'Briens don't have the energy to do the nasty. Can DS9 be the Trek series that bucks the trend and manages to create a comedy show and a romance show? And, better yet, do them as the same episode? Matt joins the show to discuss an homage to A Midsummer Night's Dream, the high school dance erotica of Star Trek, and the potential of a Sisko-Dax relationship!


Jun 25, 2018

Defiant - Ft. Darren & Clay

When an overworked Kira tries to impress Commander William Riker by showing him the USS Defiant, she instead sets into motion a plan that might result in a Federation-Cardassian war. Also, it's not Will Riker at all! It's Tom Riker! Remember him? DS9 continues to examine the meaning of identity by bringing Tom Riker into the fold and having him try to walk the line between the worldviews of TNG and DS9. Can a TNG character, even a troubled one like Tom Riker, manage to bring a little bit of TNG ethos into the cynical world of DS9? Darren and Clay stop by to discuss lame reveals, the blossoming Dukat and Sisko relationship, and the tragedy of Tom Riker!


Jun 21, 2018

Meridian - Ft. Brad

Dax falls in love with an alien who has trouble sticking around, and Quark plots to create a hologram version of Kira that people can bone. And who says romance is dead? Star Trek tends to fumble the ball when it comes to guest star romances (with a few notable exceptions), and Meridian is a prime example. We've got one story that's incredibly boring, and another that potentially causes offense. What a combo! Brad stops by to discuss getting consent, the inconsistency of Dax, and the magic of Jeff Combs!


Jun 19, 2018

Civil Defense - Ft. Brad

Sisko, Jake, and O'Brien accidentally trigger an old Cardassian security system that believes the Occupation is still going on and the station has been taken in a Bajoran workers' rebellion.


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