Mar 16, 2018

Steven Spielberg - ET (98%)

Hook might have been excessive and over the top, but it also might have been an attempt to recapture the feeling of E.T.? We discuss the 98% film and try to figure out where the love comes from, and if it's deserved. Spielberg has been criticized for being schmaltzy and melodramatic, and does it all spring from this film?


Mar 8, 2018

Second Sight - Ft. Clay

Sisko finds romance with a station visitor, but she is not what she appears. Second Sight is an attempt to humanize Sisko through romance, and it's also an attempt to bring back some failed storytelling techniques from the first season. Clay joins me to discuss a meandering episode that feels half baked and pointless! We also discuss the acting of Avery Brooks, choosing between characterization or plot, and killing yourself for science.


Mar 5, 2018

Necessary Evil - Ft. Clay

One of the positives about DS9 being set in a single location is the fact that it allows the show to explore the history of the setting, and how that impacts our characters. In Necessary Evil, Odo tries to solve a five year old murder mystery and ends up learning something unsettling about a close friend and ally. Clay joins me to discuss a very strong episode of DS9, and we break down Odo the detective, blending genres, and cutting between scenes!


Mar 1, 2018

Rules of Acquisition

Quark becomes involved in a plan to develop trade agreements with the Gamma Quadrant, but his new apprentice has a troublesome secret! In yet another Ferengi episode, DS9 struggles to find a tone that suits their story. Are they a dark satire, or a light hearted farce? Either way, this episode features the first mention of The Dominion, so there's that!


Feb 28, 2018

RR&RR: Steven Spielberg - Hook (29%)

Steven Spielberg is the highest grossing Hollywood director of all time, and is considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers that the world has ever seen. But even still, he did make "Hook" which is at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes! Clay and Wes discuss the two and a half hour long take on Peter Pan, and end up wondering for whom was this movie made? They also discuss musicals without music, miscasting Robin Williams, and trying to make a phone call around annoying kids!


Feb 26, 2018

Discovery: Season One Wrap Up - Ft. Trekspertise

Discovery might have finished its first season, but we can't get enough discussion about what went wrong. Kyle from Trekspertise joins the podcast to provide a slightly rosier outlook on the series, and everyone discusses what went right and what went wrong. Plus, we give our final thoughts on how we want the next season to proceed!


Feb 15, 2018

Melora - Ft. Modi

In Melora, Bashir learns all about the pros of zero gravity, and Quark learns the cons of being a con. Ensign Melora is from a species that developed under low gravity, so getting around DS9 proves to be difficult. Fortunately, Bashir has taken an interest in the young ensign and is willing to push aside those pesky medical ethics in the name of... something? Modi joins me to discuss wheelchairs in the 24th century, chips on the shoulder, and Bashir's desires!


Feb 14, 2018

RR&RR: Tom Cruise - Risky Business (96%)

Risky Business launched Cruise’s career, and it also ended its directors! A 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Risky Business features Cruise as a high school senior who learns some hard lessons about life and prostitution while trying to get into an Ivy League school. Does the satire and tone hold up in 2018, or does it come across as a dated and out of touch ’80s flick with a surprising amount of nudity?


Feb 13, 2018

Will You Take My Hand?

The crew struggles with Georgiou’s hostile plan to end the war with the Klingons; meanwhile, Burnham faces painful memories. Clay and I discuss the finale to Discovery’s maiden season, “Will You Take My Hand?”. The show has had a frantic pace since the pilot, but will it all culminate in a finale that wraps up loose ends and sets up a second season? Or will we get another twist to keep us watching in a years time? We discuss throwing bombs down wells, the lack of Klingons on Qo’noS, and if we’ll see the inside of the Enterprise next season!


Feb 6, 2018

The War Without, The War Within

Burnham and crew face the harsh realities of war back in their own universe, while desperate times call for desperate measures in the fight against the Klingons. The penultimate episode of Discovery's first season, "The War Without, The War Within" features a lot of character interactions, which highlights both the good and the bad aspects of the series. Clay and I discuss thinking the Spore Drive was dead, moving to another lunch table, and finding a loved one in the Mirror Universe!


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