May 18, 2018

The Collaborator - Ft. Brad

Vedek Bareil has been accused of being a Cardassian collaborator during the Bajoran Occupation. Kira seeks out the truth about her lover. With the election for the next Kai fast approaching, will Kira be able to fend of Vedek Winn until she can find evidence to clear Bareil? Or will the truth cause everything to collapse like a house of cards? Bajoran politics and intrigue are the names of the game as “The Collaborator” marks a return to the storyline that was there from the very beginning of the series. Does the Bajoran political storyline hold up, or is it simply too ill-defined? Brad joins me to discuss unnecessary twists, Bajor in the background, and the correct time to stop saying “Emissary”! 


May 14, 2018

Crossover - Ft. Clay

A faulty warp engine sends Kira and Bashir into the Mirror Universe, a parallel universe that was first discovered by James T. Kirk 100 years before. Unfortunately, Kirk's intrusion altered the landscape of the Mirror Universe, and the Terran Empire has been soundly defeated by a Cardassian-Klingon alliance. DS9 asks the question: was Kirk's trespass and Prime Directive violation the right thing to do? Clay joins me to discuss wearing headbands, fleshing out the character of Garak, and not having enough meat on the bones!


May 10, 2018

The Wire - Ft. Clay

After coming down with some serious headaches, Garak reveals that he has a device in his brain which is killing him. Dr. Bashir takes it upon himself to help his friend, only to find that the truth may be a lie, and the lies may be the truth. The Wire brings to mind Duet in its structure, but it also recalls character development episodes like Armageddon Game. The character of Garak has his break out moment, and The Wire is an episode that is highly regarded by fans of the series. But is it too much of a bottle episode, or does the "two men in a room" aspect really focus the viewer in on the story? Clay joins me to discuss being unsure of what's happening, the "Big Brother" aspects of Cardassian culture, and Odo's interest in efficiency!


May 3, 2018

The Maquis - Ft. Clay

When a Cardassian freighter explodes at Deep Space 9, the Cardassians blame Federation colonists in the new Demilitarized Zone. Sisko tries to rescue Gul Dukat, stop the Maquis terrorists, and prevent a new war with the Cardassians. The Maquis is an interesting change of pace for the show: it eschews a sci-fi story to tell a character drama about the ethical failings of the Federation. Ben Sisko is stuck between a rock and a hard place: does he help his longtime friend save the homes of colonists, or does he toe the company line as a uniformed member of Starfleet? Is it a new day for the series, or is this a one-off episode that won't be repeated? Clay joins me to discuss being a saint in paradise, a double mirror, and not making jokes!


Apr 30, 2018

Blood Oath - Ft. Clay

Klingon blood oaths are like student debts; you just can't shake 'em! In Blood Oath, three Klingon warriors seek out Curzon Dax at DS9. When they find Jadzia Dax to be a warrior on par with Curzon, the quartet set off on a mission of vengeance. Kor, Koloth, and Kang (Klingons from Star Trek: The Original Series) return to the franchise and to battle against the mysterious and vaguely named Albino. Now, Jadzia must choose between her Federation loyalties and a sacred oath she made in a previous lifetime. Will Dax gain redemption as a character? Does the returning guest star stunt work as a gimmick? Does Cobra Commander say anything cool? Clay and I discuss the return of the Klingons, great lines delivered poorly, and the limits of filming an action scene on a budget!


Apr 27, 2018

Profit and Loss - Ft. Modi

Quark reunites with his long-lost Cardassian lover. Unfortunately, she's now a member of the Cardassian Underground. Will they be able to overcome their Casablanca inspired difficulties? Will they find a way to stay together? Profit and Loss is a hodgepodge of stories. It deals with love, Cardassian political intrigue, and the mystery of Garak. The episode draws a lot of inspiration from Casablanca, but does it draw enough to make sense? It wears its influences on its sleeve but does that mean it's derivative? Modi joins me to discuss Quark as a romantic lead, the internal workings of Cardassia, and smearing honey on someone's face!


Apr 23, 2018

Playing God

While hosting her first Trill mentee, Dax discovers a tiny, expanding proto-universe that threatens to destroy the Alpha Quadrant. We've already had a few Dax episodes. Unfortunately, she hasn't impressed us so far, and "Playing God" doesn't do much to fix that. As an attempt to examine the Trill, the episode fails. As an attempt to delve into ethical science fiction, it falls apart. And as a chance to get Jake Sisko laid... well, let's check in on that next season. Wes pilots this episode solo (don't worry, he's a level 5 pilot) and tries to figure out how this fits into the DS9 canon. Let's discuss Trill ambiguity, stepping on ants, and not fixing a problem!


Apr 18, 2018

RR&RR: Denzel Washington - Fences (94%)

Denzel Washington has been acting in Hollywood since early in the 1980's but his highest rated film is 2016's Fences, which stands at 94% on RottenTomatoes. Originally a theatrical play, the film is a showcase of writing and acting (Washington both directed and stars in the film). Featuring a tight-knit family in 1950s Pittsburgh, Fences is a subtle examination of the family bond, and how the ripples that one member makes can impact everyone else. Wes and Clay discuss powerful monologues, sleeping through scenes, and amazing acting!


Apr 16, 2018

Shadowplay - Ft. Clay

Odo and Dax visit a planet where colonists are disappearing into thin air, Jake tries to avoid disappointing his father, and Kira has a sloppy make-out session with Vedek Bareil! Shadowplay is an early attempt at serialization, but it leaves much to be desired. While featuring a plethora of plots, there's hardly any action or conflict. Clay joins me to discuss the third mention of the Dominion, sloppy kissing, and Odo's pirouettes!


Apr 12, 2018

Paradise - Ft. Amy

Sisko and O'Brien find themselves stranded on a world with no technology, and among humans who don't have their best interests at heart. Paradise is a stock morality tale in the Star Trek universe, but that's not to say it's a bad hour of television. It's hard to start a cult, but it's even more difficult to hold one together with pesky Starfleet officers hanging around, sweeping corn. Amy joins the show to discuss being in a cult, the unique heroism of Sisko, and cringing at Dax!


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