A Piece of the Action - Ft. Mark

April 24, 2017

Yeah, see, we got deez heaters, see? When the Enterprise stumbles across a planet that has modelled itself after 1920's Chicago, Kirk must find a way to get a "piece of the action" before it's too late! Armed with tommy guns and zoot suits, can Kirk, Spock and McCoy figure out a way to get a cut, or will the gangsters make them sleep with the fishies? Mark joins me to discuss Gilligan's Island, action as a currency, and TNG's "The Royale"!


The Trouble with Tribbles - Ft. Clay

April 20, 2017

The Federation and the Klingons might have an uneasy alliance, but that doesn't mean they can simply share a vacation spot together! Into this tense conflict come the Tribbles, a species of furry, purring, lovable little hairballs that can only do two things: eat and reproduce. The Trouble with Tribbles is an iconic episode that is frequently listed as one of TOS' best hours. So what do we think? Clay joins me to discuss Klingons as double agents, planets named after a guy named Sherman, and saying the same line twice!


Journey to Babel - Ft. Mark

April 17, 2017

Meet the Sareks! The Enterprise picks up a Vulcan ambassador for negotitations about some space business, and boy are we surprised to find out it's Spock's father, Sarek! Mark stops by to break down the first appearance of Sarek, a character who holds an important place in Trek lore. We discuss Vulcan logic, plot lines that are all over the place, and the weirdness of a human mother!


The Doomsday Machine - Ft. Clay

April 13, 2017

When the Enterprise encounters a planet destroying weapon of unknown origin, they face strife from within as a desperate commodore seizes control of the ship in order to seek vengeance on the weapon that killed his crew! Clay stops by to discuss Lovecraftian evil, the difference between a captain and a commodore, and cold as ice Spock one-liners!


Mirror, Mirror - Ft. Modi Operandus

April 10, 2017

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most dangerous of them all? When a transporter accident sends Kirk, Scotty, Bones and Uhura to another dimension, they find that not all universes are created equal! The Mirror Universe is introduced in this episode, and it would go on to be a barbaric and iconic setting for TOS, DS9 and ENT. Modi stops by to discuss evil goatees, being a captain's woman, and same Spock, different place! 


Amok Time - Ft. Amy

April 4, 2017

When Spock under goes the ancient Vulcan ritual of pon farr, he is drawn back to Vulcan to complete his marriage... and hopefully get laid! Amy joins me to discuss the iconic "Amok Time", which delivers a tremendous amount of information about the Vulcans and their culture. We also discuss helmets instead of ears, the friendship of Spock and Kirk, and why you can't leave Nurse Chapl hanging!


Comic vs Episode: The City on the Edge of Forever

March 31, 2017

In this special episode, Wes and Clay discuss the differences between The City on the Edge of Forever television episode, and the original story treatment which was redone as a comic book! Does either version have the edge? Are they too similar or drastically different? All this and more!


The City on the Edge of Forever - Ft. Clay

March 30, 2017

A few days removed from the Alternative Factor, Clay and I return to discuss The City on the Edge of Forever, which is frequently cited as one of TOS' best episodes. Kirk and Spock travel back in time, and Kirk is forced to make a decision that will determine the course of human history! What do we think about it all? Clay and I discuss weird first acts, using racism to justify crime, and the needs of one versus the needs of the many!


The Alternative Factor - Ft. Clay

March 27, 2017

When the universe blinks out existence, Kirk and the Enterprise discover a man with a wild beard who's claiming to be chased by a monster from another dimension. Then, we have a bunch of slow motion fight scenes filmed in negative, and wild beard man falls off a bunch of cliffs! The Alternative Factor is considered to be one of the worst episodes of TOS. Is it? Clay joins me to discuss beard inconsistancy, the exact number of Lazaruses, and Jetsons spaceships!


Errand of Mercy - Ft. Mark

March 23, 2017

Introducing... the Klingons! Errand of Mercy is most widely known as the first appearance of Klingons in Star Trek, but it also brings a slew of topics to the table: powerful god-like beings, the details of Kirk's misions, and early Klingon characterization. Mark joins me to discuss all this and more!