Jul 15, 2019


While en route to war crimes hearing, Sisko and Gul Dukat are attacked by Cardassians and end up marooned on a deserted planet. Sisko is badly injured and must rely on an increasingly unstable Dukat if he has any hope of making it out alive. Unfortunately, the Federation's psychiatric care seems to be lacking, as Dukat is now hearing voices in his head and appears to be losing his grip on sanity.

Patron Isaac marks the end of a guest-hosting era as he joins Wes to discuss a very important episode in the arc of Dukat, a character who has been there from the very start of the series and is inarguably one of the great villains of Star Trek. Wes and Isaac also discuss the motivations of Thanos, being annoyed that you saved the wrong people, and villains mischaracterizing Benjamin Sisko!

Jul 11, 2019

The Magnificent Ferengi


 When Quark's mother Ishka is captured by the Dominion, Quark, Rom, and Nog lead a team of Ferengi into a meeting on Empok Nor with Keevan as their payment.

As Starfleet celebrates their heroic missions against the Dominion, Quark begins to wonder why the Ferengi can't prove their worth in the galaxy. When he hears that his mother has been kidnapped by the Dominion, he assembles a team of Ferengi in an attempt to save her.

The Ferengi, however, are not built for combat. After a few failed training sessions, the group decide to do what they do best: negotiate! After contacting the Dominion, the group arrive at the abandoned station Empok Nor and prepare for negotiations against a familiar looking Vorta (familiar to fans of rock n' roll, that is).

It's yet another Ferengi episode, with all the positives and negatives that it entails. We have a large cast of returning characters who are played by some wonderful, scenery-devouring character actors. And we have a plot driven by the pursuit of gold pressed latinum.

Wes and Clay discuss yet another Ferengi episode! They also break down the motivations of Ira Behr, the species-versatility of DS9, and lamest reason to visit Empok Nor.


Jul 8, 2019

Statistical Probabilities

A group of genetically enhanced augments visit Deep Space 9, seeking mentorship from Julian Bashir (who was similarly enhanced as a young child). The group quickly demonstrates impressive forecasting abilities and Dr. Bashir is drawn towards working with people on his own intellectual level, even if they are quirky and potentially violent.. When Weyoun and Damar visit the station for peace talks, Dr Bashir and his new friends discover that their calculations imply that the war against the Dominion cannot be won.

Jul 1, 2019


Kira is feeling lonely aboard Deep Space 9. The newly married Dax and Worf are inviting her to dinner, but none of her date prospects can meet her exacting standards. Suddenly, the station's sensors pick up the signal that someone is beaming into Ops.

It's Vedek Bariel! But wait... Bariel died a few years ago, didn't he?

It's true, he did. But this is indeed Bariel - at least a version of him, anyway. And this version is from our favorite alternate dimension, the Mirror Universe.

Resurrection returns to the Mirror Universe with an episode that tries to examine what it means to have a long lost love walk back into your life. But it's also a heist episode, as Intendant Kira walks into the proceedings halfway through the episode and reveals that the entire thing is a ruse designed to steal a Bajoran Orb and return to the Mirror Universe with a Trek universe WMD.

Resurrection is a frequent target of "worst of" list, and for good reason. The Mirror Universe continues to be trending towards diminishing results, with each successive episode feeling more and more like a tradition rather than being produced because it has something to say. Retreading ground from "Shattered Mirror", Resurrection has nothing to add to the story. It has less to say, it focuses on a less interesting character, and it ends in such a way that it leaves the audience confused about the point of the entire affair.

In this episode of the podcast, Wes and Clay try to understand the continued existence of the Mirror Universe in DS9. They also break down confusing hunger, Nana Visitor's orgasmic Intendant, and acting like you just climbed 50+ flights of stairs!


Jun 27, 2019

You Are Cordially Invited…

The wedding of Worf and Dax hits a speed bump when the matriarch of the House of Martok visits the station.

Jun 20, 2019

Favor the Bold & Sacrifice of Angels

he losses continue to pile up for the Federation. They’re forced to play a cat-and-mouse game against the Dominion – attacking only to turn right around and fall back to a retreat. Captain Sisko has had enough of the losing and suggests a plan to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion and regain control of the Bajoran Wormhole.

On Terok Nor/DS9, Kira and the rest of the resistance learn the shocking news that the minefield is going to be deactivated within a few days. Once down, thousands of Jem’Hadar ships will be able to enter the Alpha Quadrant and all hope will be lost. And Odo is no help – he’s been wasting his days in his quarters, “linking” with the Female Changeling and ignoring his duties and responsibilities.

The serialized “DS9 Occupation” arc of the sixth season comes to a close with the action packed two-parter, “Favor the Bold” and “Sacrifice of Angels”! Star Trek: DS9 has gone where no Trek series has gone before, and they’ve come out whole on the other side but certainly not without some mishaps along the way. A triumph, but at the same time a learning experience.

In this episode of the podcast, Wes and Clay discuss the arc as a product of its time and what they take away from the experience of watching it. They discuss the winners and losers of the entire affair and try to understand the hesitancy of the executives who wanted to cut the story line short.

Plus! They discuss the kinky stuff that Changelings get up to in the bedroom, the ballsy decision to use “gods” in a deus ex machina ending, and where Dukat stands in the pantheon of Star Trek villains.

Jun 17, 2019

Behind the Lines

As the complexity of the war against the Dominion increases, the crew of DS9 find themselves "behind the lines" of the enemy. Sisko is promoted and removed from command of the Defiant, while Odo finds the allure of the Great Link to be irresistible.

While stationed at a starbase, Sisko is promoted to manage the war effort across multiple sectors. To enable this, command of the Defiant is given to Dax and she is sent on a mission to disable a Dominion sensor array that is providing valuable information to the Dominion about Federation ship movement. In the long tradition of Star Trek captains being removed from active command, Sisko begins to feel isolated and inconsequential.

Meanwhile, on DS9/Terok Nor, the underground resistance is at work trying to sabotage the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. The arrival of the Female Changeling complicates things as she can provide Odo with access to the Great Link. As the stakes for the resistance rise, Odo becomes distracted and a potential liability.

Behind the Lines was written by Rene Echevarria and contains his signature character work. It also sets up the finale to the DS9 Occupation arc and shows a curious blend of serialized narrative and episodic hang-ups. It feels both extremely modern and strangely old fashioned, with some of the usual Trek tropes (positive and negative) on full display.

Listen as Wes and Clay discuss where they think the show is working and not working in this serialized arc, "linking" as a metaphor for masturbation, and why Rom needed to die!


Jun 13, 2019

Sons and Daughters

Sons and daughters are the themes of this episode of Star Trek! While aboard a Klingon vessel commanded by General Martok, Worf is reunited with his estranged son Alexander. It's been many years since father and son have seen each other, and in that time Alexander seems to have changed. He's no longer a scared little boy - he's now a scared little teenager who is seeking glory... for some reason? On DS9, Gul Dukat uses his (nameless) daughter as a pawn in his attempt to woo Major Kira. Disappointment and dishonesty run rampant amongst the family members of DS9!

Wes and Clay discuss the return of Alexander, the missteps of Worf as a father, and the power moves of Dukat!

Jun 10, 2019

Rocks and Shoals

While attempting to escape Dominion territory, Sisko and the crew on the Defiant crash land on a planet devoid of anything but rocks and shoals. Unfortunately, a crew of Jem’Hadar and their Vorta, Keevan, have also survived a crash landing on the same planet. The Vorta is injured and must ration his supply of Ketracel White to his Jem’Hadar troops. On the station, Kira and Odo start to settle into their new lives as Bajoran liaisons to the Dominion. Things are becoming routine, but they’re shaken when Jake Sisko begins to question things and a Bajoran cleric commits suicide in protest.

The conflict between Sisko and Keevan comes to a head when Keevan offers Sisko a choice: either set a murderous trap for the Jem’Hadar or be killed themselves. On DS9, Odo and Kira must reconcile their past with their present and come to a decision about the kind of people they want to be. As the Occupation of DS9 arc moves into its third episode (Call to Arms is a part of the arc!), the show is moving full bore into thoughtful and heartbreaking drama in a way that Star Trek has never done before. Rocks and Shoals feels like an even more mature version of Deep Space 9.

In this episode of the podcast, Wes and Clay discuss the second episode of DS9’s sixth season, “Rocks and Shoals”. Does it continue the Occupation arc in a satisfying way? Or are the strains of a writing staff doing something unfamiliar starting to show through the seams? Is Jake Sisko a good war-time journalist, or is he simply too naive to know which questions he shouldn’t ask? The guys also discuss the flexibility of the Vorta, visual storytelling in Star Trek, and shooting a man when he’s down!


Jun 6, 2019

A Time to Stand - Ft. Clay

It’s been three months since the events of “Call to Arms” and the war against the Dominion is going poorly for the Federation. Fleets of ships are being lost every day, and the Cardassian-Dominion alliance has proven to be a fearsome enemy. For Starfleet, it has become a time to stand! They can’t allow anymore ships to be destroyed if they hope to win this war, as war-weary Dr. Bashir frequently informs the audience.

Sisko and a recovered J’em Hadar warship are sent on a mission to destroy a ketracel-white facility behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, on Terok Nor (formerly Deep Space 9), Kira and Odo try to gain the upper hand against Weyound and Dukat. It’s a brilliantly different status quo on the station, while our heroes on the ship… end up driving somewhere. You know how we feel about those episodes, right?

“A Time to Stand” is the second episode in a heavily serialized arc, and it contains both incredible novelty and tired Star Trek tropes – both of which are discussed in this podcast! Clay and Wes also discuss upgrading your eyewear technology, pointless conversations with your father, and the motivation of Weyoun!

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