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Stardust City Rag

The La Sirena tracks Bruce Maddox to Freecloud, a Vegas-esque planet that feels like a more polished version of Mos Eisley. Maddox has found himself in a dangerous position and Seven of Nine agrees to help rescue him.

Clay and Wes put on their best fake accents to discuss "Stardust City Rag"!

Absolute Candor

Picard and the crew head to the planet Vashti. Fourteen years ago, Picard helped Romulan refugees settle on the planet, and he befriended a group of warrior monks who practiced the art of "absolute candor". On Vashti, Picard reunites with Elnor, a yound man who Picard knew as a small boy.

Meanwhile, Narek continues to try to gleam information about Maddox and the other androids from Soji.

In this episode of the podcast, Wes and Clay discuss the merits of "absolute candor", using a holodeck as an office, and Star Trek beheadings!

RR&RR: Joker

In "The End is the Beginning", Picard recruits a crew to help him find Bruce Maddox. On the Artifact, Asha works with ex-Borg (and returning character) Hugh to treat reclaimed Romulans.

Wes and Clay discuss the third episode of Star Trek: Picard and reveal how they feel about Picard returning to the stars!


Rotten Horror #2

Maps and Legends

In "Maps and Legends", we gain additional insight into the world in which this series takes place. As Picard begins to investigate the mystery of Dahj he learns that Starfleet will not assist him.

But there's trouble underfoot - some Starfleet officers appear to be shady (surprise!) and are in league with the Romulans on the Borg Reclamation site.

In this podcast, Wes and Clay dissect the episode like it's a Borg drone!


Jean-Luc Picard has returned to Star Trek!

At the end of the 24th century, and 14 years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Chateau Picard. When he is sought out by a mysterious young woman, Dahj, in need of his help, he soon realizes she may have personal connections to his past.

In this episode, Wes and Clay break down the very first episode of the series!

This episode was streamed live on YouTube and then re-cut to air as a podcast. If you'd like to view the streams, subscribe to our YouTube channel via the link below!

Star Trek Beyond

In the final Kelvin film, Star Trek Beyond, the USS Enterprise is destroyed and the crew stranded on an alien planet. They meet an alien named Krall who intends to destroy the Federation.

Star Trek Beyond is not an oft-discussed film, but it's clearly the best of the three Kelvin films. Directed by Justin Lin from a script written by Simon Pegg (Scotty), Beyond works as both a Star Trek film and an action film.

In this podcast, Wes and Clay discuss the dynamics of Balthazar Edison, the benefit to a stationary camera, and the Kelvin Universes biggest failure!

Star Trek Into Darkness is the second film from JJ Abrams' Kelvin Universe.

Khan returns as an unwilling agent of Section 31. In order to prevent a war with the Klingons, Kirk must stop both Khan and a corrupt admiral from achieving their goals.

In this podcast, Wes and Clay discuss going bigger in a sequel, wet eyes, and bringing back Khan!

Star Trek (2009)

Wes and Clay get back to the Star Trek films! This time they've moved on to the JJ Abrams led reboot, "Star Trek" from 2009.

The Abrams 2009 Trek film rebooted the franchise and created a new TOS universe (Kelvin) to play in. As such, we get familiar names with brand new faces.

In this podcast, Wes and Clay discuss the brilliant idea of creating an alternate timeline, walking the line of old and new, and Spock not getting where he needed to be in time!

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