Dec 11, 2017

In the Hands of the Prophets - Ft. Clay

To wrap up season one, DS9 looks all the way back to Emissary! After the Bajoran religious leader Vedek Winn discovers that Keiko O'Brien is teaching secular values to her students, the entire Federation-Bajoran relationship looks like it may crumble. Commander Sisko is hesitant to push his values on anyone, but he may need to take a stand before people end up dead. In the Hands of the Prophets finishes the first season of DS9 and moves us into the second season with an examination of the dark side of the Bajoran religious movement. Clay joins me to discuss meeting new characters, O'Brien's temper, and the confused ethics of Roddenberry's universe.


Dec 7, 2017

Duet - Ft. Clay & Zack

After a Cardassian arrives on DS9, suffering from a rare disease that could only have been contracted at a Bajoran labor camp during the Occupation, Kira tries to determine if the man is a notorious war criminal. Frequently heralded as the first great episode of DS9, Duet features terrific performances and a script that finally attempts to make use of the establishing setup that developed in the pilot of the series. But... is it great or just better than the dregs of season one? Clay and Zack join me to discuss the brutality of the Cardassians, the value of being a good actor, and the ethics of apologizing!


Dec 6, 2017

RR&RR 12-2017

After covering Patrick Stewart last month, it's time for Clay and Wes to discuss a director! We put the selection up to a vote on, and this short episode will let you know which director we'll be covering, and which films we'll be discussing in December 2017.


Dec 5, 2017

Dramatis Personae

After a Klingon ship explodes and beams a single survivor aboard DS9, the crew start acting in peculiar ways. Kira, in particular, seems to have developed a mutinous streak! Dramatis Personae features telepathic alien orbs, and those always lead to the best episodes of Star Trek, so buckle up! Wes discusses the episode and reads patron thoughts, and tries to figure out why you'd build a clock, why Odo doesn't melt when he's unconscious, and why explosive decompression isn't so bad.


Nov 30, 2017

The Forsaken

Ambassadors visit the station, O'Brien gets a digital puppy, and Odo melts in the loving hands of Lwaxana Troi! The Forsaken brings back the beloved(?) character of Mrs. Troi and sticks her with the gruff character of Odo, and DS9 continues its first season trend of using TNG story structure: this time it's a character piece with a sci-fi B plot in the background. Wes reads some patron thoughts and gives his own take, which includes breaking down the character of Odo, Mrs. Troi without her daughter, and the cleverness of Dr. Bashir.


Nov 29, 2017

RR&RR: Patrick Stewart - Christmas Eve (0%)

After discussing Stewart's nuanced performance in "Logan", Clay and I discuss a holiday movie that has no nuance whatsoever. It's 2015's "Christmas Eve"! The film may list Patrick Stewart as the lead role, but it's actually an ensemble piece that tells the stories of six groups of New Yorkers who are all stuck in elevators on Christmas Eve. Join us as we share our thoughts about bad movies, stories with no climax, and sadism in your holiday films!


Nov 22, 2017

RR&RR: Patrick Stewart - Logan (93%)

“Logan” is a 2017 superhero film that features Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier (the 7th time he’s played that character), the leader of the mutant group called the X-Men. Set in the near future, “Logan” is a genre defying story that features a sick and dying Professor X, a sick and dying Wolverine, and a young and healthy Mexican clone of Wolverine! Clay and I break down the best rated film in Patrick Stewart’s career, and also talk for a while about the X-Men film franchise as a whole.


Nov 20, 2017

Discovery S1 Mid-Season Wrap Up

Discovery has taken a break after nine episodes of middling television, but Clay and I will keep the fire stoked (as Torchbearers) with a podcast episode where we discuss our final thoughts about this new half a season of Star Trek. We also talk about cancelling CBS All Access (for a month), the desire to be able to purchase the show on Amazon, and how we might handle discussing the show when it returns in January of 2018.


Nov 16, 2017

If Wishes Were Horses - Ft. Modi

When a trio of imaginary characters (Rumpelstiltskin, Buck Bokai, and a horny Dax) appear on DS9, the station suddenly finds itself in danger of being destroyed by a subspace anomaly! Featuring a mysterious alien race of unknown powers, "If Wishes Were Horses" continues the DS9 trend of repackaging TNG episodes with a new cast. Modi joins me to discuss the downfall of baseball, having your sexual fantasies out in the open, and sacrificing your firstborn!


Nov 12, 2017

Into the Forest I Go

Lorca decides to use the USS Discovery as bait to lure the Klingons into a trap, Burnham fights a Klingon, and Tyler suffers from PTSD! Discovery is taking a mid season break, so “Into the Forest I Go” functions something like a season finale. But does it work? Do the storylines we’ve been pondering for weeks come together in the end? Or are we left with more questions than answers? Clay joins me to discuss looking ahead to what comes next, finding out that people aren’t dead, and trying to figure out where we end up!


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